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LAT to show wide range of molecular and elemental analysers

LAT to show wide range of molecular and elemental analysers

Supplier: Lambda Advanced Technology 11/08/2015


Lambda Advanced Technology (LAT) will be showing a wide range of analytical instrumentation from some of the world’s leading manufacturers at Lab Innovations 2015. This will include TOC analysers from Teledyne Tekmar, mercury analysers and ICP spectrometers from Teledyne Leeman, a sulphur analyser from TSHR and a UV-Visible spectrophotometers from Hitachi.

The Lotix TOC analyser accurately measures carbon down to the ppb level in aqueous matrices, making it the perfect instrument for waste water, drinking and surface water, ground water, sea water, and other hard to oxidize matrices, all at an economical price. Lotix can measure 0-20,000 ppm with a single 0.5 mL injection volume, virtually eliminating the need for multiple calibration curves.

The Hydra II mercury analyser is a fully automated turnkey system that measures mercury in solid and semi-solid sample matrices directly without the need to prepare samples by acid digestion. This means that no waste is generated, so the cost and hassle of dealing with waste disposal is avoided. The system offers excellent sensitivity with no sample dilution required, together with a wide dynamic range with an extended range optionally available.

The Prodigy 7 ICP provides superb resolution, stability and detection limits for reliable results. Prodigy7 delivers reliable performance at an affordable price and smaller footprint than most other ICPs on the market today. Designed for fast system startup and reduced gas consumption, Prodigy7 features a large format, advanced CMOS Array Detector for true simultaneous measurement with full wavelength coverage from 165 nm 100 nm. Available in Axial, Radial, and Dual-View configurations, the system captures the entire wavelength spectrum in a single reading.

The TS 7000 sulphur analyser allows sulphur concentrations of 20 ppb to 5000 ppm to be determined on an extensive range of sample matrices in environmental and petrochemical applications (Gas, LPG and Liquid). It is fully compliant with ASTM methods: ASTM D5453, ASTM D6667 and ASTM D7183.

The U2900 /2910 double beam UV Vis spectrophotometers from Hitachi are well proven, robust Pharmacopoeia compliant instruments. For biotechnological applications, measurements on small sample volumes can be made using optional 50μL, 25μL and 5μL micro-volume cells.
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