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PCE Instruments add rotational viscometer PCE-RVI 4 to their range of products

PCE Instruments add rotational viscometer PCE-RVI 4 to their range of products

Supplier: PCE Instruments UK Ltd 12/04/2016


In late October 2015, PCE Instruments increased their range of rotational viscometers by the PCE-RVI 4. Two versions of this viscometer can be purchased: the PCE-RVI 4 VP20 with a rotational speed of 20 rpm and the PCE-RVI 4 VP60 with a rotational speed of 60 rpm. Both versions come in a carrying case, with a spindle set R2 ... R7, a calibration certificate, a protective device for the measuring spindle, a measuring cup and an instruction manual. The rotational viscometer is perfectly suitable for on-site measurement in the chemical as well as in the pharmaceutical industry. The device has turned out popular for companies that produce cosmetics, food or paint.

The PCE-RVI 4 viscometer uses the Brookfield method and is the ideal device for continuous measurements between 24 and 30 hours. The viscosity value, the revolutions, the measuring system, the percentage and the battery status are indicated in the easily readable display. A huge advantage of this laboratory viscometer is that it is IP20 protected. The PCE-RVI 4 VP20 has a measurement range of 200 … 200,000 mPas whereas the PCE-RVI 4 VP60 has a measurement range of 66 … 66,600 mPas. Both have an accuracy of ±2 %.

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