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Upcoming - wireless 5-channel data logger by PCE Instruments

Upcoming - wireless 5-channel data logger by PCE Instruments

Supplier: PCE Instruments UK Ltd 12/11/2016


PCE Instruments’ production and development department is currently working on a new multifunctional data logger. The company specialised in measuring, weighing, laboratory and control technology has developed a new data logger which will be launched in the near future and will be part of a series of data loggers.

The new PCE-DAL logger will be able to measure vibration, light, barometric pressure, temperature, as well as humidity, using different sensors. When getting together these 5 different functions in one single device, PCE Instruments observed high European standards. The PCE-DAL is CE and FCC marked and its case is dust and waterproof (IP67 protection). The PCE-DAL is compact and user-friendly. The handy data logger is perfect to use in museums, in the construction industry and in many other sectors. Data can be transferred in real time or in pre-set time intervals and saved to an SD card or to your computer. A software for data transmission and visualization is included in the standard package.

PCE Instruments, with headquarters in Germany and offices in Chile, France, Spain, Italy, China, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, Turkey, Poland, the UK and the US, manufactures and sells test instruments, control systems, laboratory and weighing equipment for a vast range of different purposes and applications, to a great extent under the label "PCE Instruments®", but also from other renowned producers. PCE also provides pre- and aftersales technical advice as well as calibration and re-calibration services.
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