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BAMBANKER™ Cell Freezing Medium – Save 15%

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BAMBANKER™ is a unique, patented formulation of serum-free cell freezing medium, optimised to give excellent cell recovery following cryogenic storage.

Developed by Lymphotec Inc, BAMBANKER cell freezing media was designed to preserve even delicate cells, including lymphocytes during medium and long term ultralow temperature storage at -80C or in liquid nitrogen.

Rapid Cell Recovery and Optimal Revival
BAMBANKER has been shown to increase cell recovery post freezing and makes preservation of cultures simple. Once cells are re-suspended in the freezing media they can be placed directly in the -80C freezer. There is no need for step-wise temperature reduction or programmable freezers. Stringent quality assurance testing means that BAMBANKER is certified free from endotoxin, mycoplasma, fungi and bacteria.

■ Tested with established cell lines, primaries and stem cells
■ Ready-to-use no dilution or supplementation required
■ Freeze cells directly at -80C

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