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Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Pastette® – Golden Ticket Giveaway

Supplier: Alpha Laboratories
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Order your pastettes now and look inside for a golden ticket! Prizes include coffee machines, radios and hampers!

Available in over 50 designs, Pastettes are flexible, unbreakable, transfer or Pasteur pipettes and are ideal for a multitude of tasks. From quick and easy liquid transfers to precise control for small sample handling, Pastettes can be used for sampling from bottles or delivering to micro-cuvettes.

Whatever your application, a choice of known drop volumes and specific tip designs allow you to select the Pastette that exactly meets your needs. Availability in handy non-sterile bulk packs and sterile packs of 10, 20 or single wrapped pipettes offers complete flexibility.

Plus don’t forget our custom design service if you ever need a bespoke format pipette.

Request your free wallchart or selector tool now, email: marketing@alpahlabs.co.uk

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