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End of the eLINE® Sale!

Supplier: Alpha Laboratories
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Designed to deliver the highest level of analytical accuracy with complete comfort and minimum user strain, eLINE pipettes are proven performers.

The eLINE range of pipettes have provided high levels of analytical performance and ergonomic excellence for many years. Its fully electronic operation, including motorised tip ejection, ensures consistent, user-independent results. What’s more, it takes the effort out of pipetting and significantly reduces the risk of repetitive strain injury (RSI).

The comprehensive set of built-in programs streamlines work steps and can double the speed of pipetting compared with a mechanical unit.

eLINE is available in single channel models from 0.2-5000µl and multi-channel models from 0.2-1200µl.

Superb for:
- Multi-user applications- fully electronic operation gives user independent results
- Highest accuracy & precision work
- High throughput work & long pipetting tasks (avoids hand fatigue)
- Eliminating RSI problems (electronic tip ejection gives the lowest operating forces)
- Multi-channel applications such as microplate filling & multi-dispensing
- Both left-and right-handed users

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