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GeneTouch™ Thermal Cycler

Supplier: Alpha Laboratories
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You can now save a whopping £1600 or more when you buy a GeneTouch thermal cycler base unit and block together. Save even more if you buy a second block. Choose from 96 or 384 well gradient blocks or 48 well dual block.

The Bioer GeneTouch™ is the flagship cycler in the Bioer range offering maximum flexibility that can be tailored to your specific requirements. It is suitable for a multitude of PCR applications and incubations.

■ 5 interchangeable blocks
■ 2 modes of temperature control
■ Adjustable temperature ramping
■ Incremental/decremental time setting
■ Adjustable height and temperature hot-lid
■ Programme storage on the instrument, on USB or on your PC

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