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Getting to the Bottom of Plates - 3 Different Well Bottom Designs

Supplier: Alpha Laboratories
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Make sure you’re using the best microplate for your application. With a range of plate options, Alpha Laboratories has just the answer for you. There are 3 different well bottom designs to suit various functions (U-Well, V-Well & F-Well). All are supplied sterile or non-sterile.

Manufactured from uncoated, transparent polystyrene, the static-free microplates incorporate a moulded alphanumeric index with row and column identifiers.

The microplates can be centrifuged at up to 4500g and are safe to use within a temperature range of -20C to +60C. They are stackable and have an SBS (SLAS/ANSI 1 & 4) footprint with a length of 127.76mm (+/- 0.5mm) and a width of 85.48mm (+/- 0.5mm).

They feature individual well identifiers for easy sample tracking. Raised well rims prevent cross contamination between adjacent wells. A gap between the wells also means the risk of carryover from well to well is reduced during sample pipetting.

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