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Opaque PCR Consumables

Supplier: Alpha Laboratories
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In small volume Real Time PCR the intensity of fluorescence can be very low. Clear or frosted PCR plastic vessels deflect light in all directions reducing the amount of fluorescent light actually reaching the detection system.

With opaque white PCR tubes and plates, the fluorescent light cannot escape and is all reflected back to the detection module. This means lower levels of fluorescence can be detected and background interference is minimised, giving increased homogeneity of replicates, greater sensitivity and more reproducible results. The risk of false-positives is also eliminated.

Alpha Laboratories’ opaque white PCR 8-strip tubes have ultra-clear optical caps to provide you with the best possible results. The individually attached caps minimise contamination risks, and ensure you always have the right cap to hand. You are guaranteed the best detection levels every time, making sure you get the right result.

We also supply great value 96 and 384 well white PCR plates which are fully compatible with the Roche LightCycler® Real-Time PCR Systems.
(LightCycler is a registered trade mark of Roche Diagnostics Ltd.)

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