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Partial Plate & Strip Tube Sealing Solutions

Supplier: Alpha Laboratories
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New EZcap™ PCR Sealing Strips. An economical and more user-friendly alternative to strip-caps.

Precision cut to a smaller dimension to seal one 8-well row of a 96-well PCR plate or a single PCR 8-tube strip. Each sheet contains 8 sealing strips on a continuous backing liner. Strips can be peeled individually or two at a time for increased efficiency.

Strips can be used to selectively cover one row of a plate to prevent accidental pipetting or to re-seal rows that have been pierced.

Specially formulated adhesive provides an excellent seal to minimise evaporation, reduce cross-contamination and prevent spillage.

It also enables the seals to be removed easily and cleanly from plate surfaces.

Features two removable endtabs with perforations for ease of handling, application and removal.

EZcap PCR Sealing Strips are certified DNase, RNase and nucleic-acid-free.

Available in foil strips or film strips -

EZcap™ PCR FoilStrips™
These AlumaSeal Foils combine soft non-permeable aluminium with strong medical–grade adhesive to eliminate the need for heat-sealing devices or mats when protecting samples and preventing evaporation during PCR thermal cycling.

EZcap™ PCR FilmStrips™
These sealing films have good optical clarity making them ideal for real-time PCR applications.

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