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Sample Collection Made Easy

Supplier: Alpha Laboratories
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Simple solutions to help make faecal and urine sample collection easier and more hygienic for patients whilst ensuring quality samples for the laboratory.

Fe-Col® Faeces Collection Paper
Fe-Col papers provide a simple, easy-to-use, efficient and hygienic stool collection method.
For patients they offer a quick, simple solution to a frustrating and potentially messy problem.
For the laboratory testing the faeces, they prevent the risk of sample contamination, ensuring fewer test errors.

PeeCanter Urine Sample Collection Device
Traditional paper or plastic urine collection cups are bulky to package, easily damaged and can impact on the quantity of usable samples returned.
This discreet and handy pop-up urine collection cup was developed in response to these concerns.
The PeeCanter is supplied flat-packed, which reduces postal costs and storage space, and makes it ideal for inclusion into home testing kits where patients need to collect their own samples.

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