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Sealing Films for Real-Time PCR

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For Real-Time PCR (qPCR) and sitting drop Protein Crystallisation you need a sealing film with consistent high optical clarity for more reproducible, reliable, and consistent DNA amplification measurements and crystal detection.

ThermalSeal RT™ Sealing Films
Suitable for real-time qPCR analyses this economical film has high optical clarity. Thermal Seal RT™ sealing films combine an optically transparent polyester sealing film with a strong, ultrasmooth, non-absorbing, non-fluorescing medicalgrade adhesive for superior performance in real-time PCR applications. In place of the customary paper backing, ThermalSeal RT sealing films have a plastic liner which is easily removed before use and contributes smoothness and extreme optical clarity to the adhesive.

ThermalSeal RTS™ Sealing Films
These polyolefin films have a non-tacky silicone adhesive which remains unexposed and inert until pressed against the sealing surface, making them easier to handle than other films. Adhesive is released only in sealing areas to form the strongest available heat-resistant seal around each well on the plate. Adhesive on non-sealing areas of the film, such as directly over the sample wells, remains inert. The films are optically clear, with low auto-fluorescence, and are especially suited for real-time qPCR, storage, and protein crystallization applications. Sized to fit within the edges of raised-rim 96-well plates, these films have two end tabs to assist in positioning of the film.

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