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UN3373 Sample Carriers

Supplier: Alpha Laboratories
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Used for the collection of multiple samples from off-site clinics and laboratories, this ABS plastic carrier can be stacked and locked, enabling three or four units to be carried together.

The medical sample carrier is regulatory marked for transport of UN3373 Biological Substances, and should be used in conjunction with a secondary packaging. If primaries are not 95kPa we advise the use of the 95kPa pouches to ensure compliance.

A range of additional options are available including shoulder straps, trolley, security components and EPP insulated liners for refrigerated shipments. Please enquire for details.

- ABS rigid plastic carrier ensures durability and reusability
- Foam lid and base sample protection pads
- Lockable stacking feature
- Regulatory compliant markings
- Carry handle
- 3 convenient sizes available

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