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UN3373 Sample Transport Packaging Solutions – Save up to 30%

Supplier: Alpha Laboratories
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Alpha Laboratories provides a wide range of sample packaging materials that help make your regulatory compliance convenient, consistent and cost-effective.

Compliant Primary Container Protection
SpeciSafe® replaces the secondary packaging and combines the absorbent material and rigid container within a single piece to ensure UN3373 compliance. You then only need to add a mailing envelope or bag as your outer packaging, saving you time and money.

Flexible Sample Packaging Solutions
Choose from a complete packaging system or pick and choose from a range of components in different sizes: Rigid Outer Containers, Flexible Secondary 95kPa and IATA Pouches, Absorbent Sheets, Labels and the MedDXTainer 4 Medical Sample Carrier.

Now save up to 30% on 95kPa Pouches for Road and Air Transport, Outer Packaging, Labels & Seals and Absorbent Sheets

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