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STRATEC Molecular

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STRATEC Molecular develops and manufactures reagents and kits for DNA/RNA stabilization, extraction and purification using manual and automated systems.

Established under the name Invitek in 1992, STRATEC Molecular provides innovative system solutions for nucleic acid sample preparation from any sample type.

The company is internationally respected for its outstanding and high performance technology platforms and offers a broad spectrum of DNA/RNA sample preparation kits and reagents for molecular diagnostics and life science research.

The development of non-chaotropic chemistry for nucleic acid sample preparation by STRATEC Molecular is a major milestone in the history of DNA/RNA purification methods.

SalivaGene Collector
SalivaGene Collector
STRATEC Molecular

The novel SalivaGene Collector introduces a breakthrough simplification of saliva collection designed to provide highest DNA yields in high quality for...

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