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ABT Molecular Imaging, Inc. Company Profile

ABT Molecular Imaging, Inc.

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The company was started in 2006 by Ron Nutt, PhD, and is located in Knoxville, Tennessee. It is very close to where clinical PET was developed over the past 25 years at CTI Molecular Imaging which Dr. Nutt co-founded.

As with the computer evolution, PET has evolved over a relatively long period of time. PET has spread from large academic universities to reach even the smallest hospitals and imaging clinics in mature global markets. However, the availability and "ease of use" of PET has not kept pace with the demand for PET both in the clinic and in the drug development area limiting available radioisotopes to a single commercially available product or requiring large staffs and significant investments in infrastructure to make PET available for research.

Our goal is to simplify the process of producing PET biomarkers by creating a small, very efficient biomarker generator to make PET more widely available,simple to access, and economically available "on-demand".

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