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Durasens, LLC

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Durasens develops and manufactures liquid cells, gas cells, probes, and analyzers. We provide off the shelf as well as custom process analytical solutions for reaction and process monitoring from labs, to pilot plants, to manufacturing floors.

By leveraging our extensive experience in new product development and competence in the field of optical spectroscopy, Durasens can provide custom process analytical solutions from the optical, mechanical and electronic design through to the manufacturing, assembly, integration and verification of the instrumentation.

Durasens offers optical spectroscopy instrumentation for markets such as pharmaceutical, chemical, petrochemical, food, beverage, and other industries.

LSP-T Series Diamond ATR Analyzers
LSP-T Series Diamond ATR Analyzers
Durasens, LLC

Durasens LSP-T series Diamond ATR Analyzers are compact, easy to use analyzers designed for the rapid analysis of liquids, oils, emulsions, gels, pastes, and...

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