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Magnetic stirrers for safe work at the laboratory

Magnetic stirrers for safe work at the laboratory

Supplier: PCE Instruments UK Ltd 20/12/2019


Liquids that need to be mixed require special mixing equipment. Each laboratory works with substances that only produce the desired result when they are mixed together. The composition of blood can only be determined when combined with other liquids.

PCE Instruments has added a wide variety of magnetic stirrers in different designs to its product range. There is a suitable magnetic stirrer to choose from for any application - from simple single-station stirrers for the simplest laboratory applications to high-end reaction blocks for professional use in chemical laboratories. A magnetic stirrer is also indispensable for research work and quality control. There are always liquids that have to be mixed with each other in order to achieve certain results. In general, magnetic stirrers are characterized by their very low maintenance requirements. The small, robust design has been specially developed for continuous operation. No bearings, belts or other wear parts are used in the magnetic stirrers. Continuous operation under most demanding conditions is therefore economical and very effective. The maximum stirring speed of a magnetic stirrer stirs varies considerably depending on the requirements. With the help of temperature sensors, a magnetic stirrer with a heating plate can be set so that the speed automatically adjusts with the temperature. There are various models and designs of magnetic stirrers such as single-point stirrers, multiple-point stirrers, stirrers with and without speed regulation, models with and without heating plate. Of course, there are also magnetic stirrers which can be combined with everything. A magnetic stirrer can also mix different liquids in closed vessels, e. g. in the case of substances that require an isolation from the environment or corrosive liquids that must not leave the vessel.

Laboratories with a requirement for magnetic stirrers can purchase some high-quality magnetic stirrer models from PCE Instruments at a reasonable price. Depending on the individual requirements, there is a large variety of magnetic stirrers to choose from.
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