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Quick and Simple Measured Transfers - Special Offer - Watch Video
Alpha Laboratories

For measured transfers of 1, 2, 3 or 5ml in fractions of 0.25ml to 1.0ml. Ideal for preparation of fixatives and stains, aliquoting and other drop by drop work. Graduated Pastettes are marked at various volumes dependant on the overall size of the pipette.They are ideal for measured volume transfers, aliquoting, serial dilutions and drop by drop work. Specially designed pipettes in the graduated range have been developed for particular applications such as the:Graduated...
Bioer Thermal Cyclers - Watch Video
Alpha Laboratories

Equipping your laboratory with reliable high performance instrumentation will help maximise productivity and performance and minimise down time.
SampleTite™ Robust, Leak-Proof Specimen Containers - Watch Video
Alpha Laboratories

SampleTite™ leak-proof specimen containers are ideal for the collection and secure transportation of fluid or solid-state specimens.
New Tacta Manual Pipettes - Watch Video
Alpha Laboratories

Tacta is so light, so comfortable to use and has so many features to help make your pipetting that much easier, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it. Tacta presents a new refined pipetting experience that is effortless and safe, while producing accurate and reliable results time after time.
Pastette® from Alpha Laboratories - Watch Video
Alpha Laboratories

Available in over 50 designs, Pastettes are flexible, unbreakable, transfer or Pasteur pipettes and are ideal for a multitude of tasks. From quick and easy liquid transfers to precise control for small sample handling, Pastettes can be used for sampling from bottles or delivering to micro-cuvettes.
Fastrak® Pipette Tip Refill System Demonstration - VIDEO
Alpha Laboratories

A demonstration of the Alpha Laboratories environmentally friendly Fastrak Pipette Tip Refill system. The video shows how easy it is to refill empty pipette tip racks and discusses the low carbon footprint features of the Fastrak system. It also introduces Laboratree - Alpha Labs sustainability scheme for planting trees in UK woodlands.
LifeECO™ PCR Thermal Cycler Demonstration - VIDEO DEMONSTRATION
Alpha Laboratories

A demonstration of the set-up and functionality of the Bioer LifeECO™ Thermal Cycler from Alpha Laboratories Ltd.
LifeECO™ Gradient Thermal Cycler Introduction - VIDEO
Alpha Laboratories

An overview of the Bioer LifeECO™ Thermal Cycler from Alpha Laboratories Ltd. This introduction outlines the features and benefits of this economical and eco-friendly gradient thermal cycler.
Faecal Sample Collection Made Easy with Fe-Col® - VIDEO
Alpha Laboratories

Faecal or stool sample collection is often required for medical diagnostic tests, screening or clinical trials work. This video introduces Fe-Col®, a simple paper device that is slipped onto the toilet seat to make stool collection easy and hygienic for the patient and ensures contamination free samples for the laboratory.
SpeciSafe® Biological Sample Transport System - VIDEO
Alpha Laboratories

SpeciSafe packs provide a secure compliant secondary packaging solution for transport of clinical and other biohazardous samples. The tough, leak proof case meets UN3373 requirements when used with 95 kPa primary containers. SpeciSafe includes an ultra-absorbant bonded lining that completely soaks up any leakage but the clear window ensures the contents remain visible for inspection without opening.
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