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Your Partner Around the World BMT USA is a member of the MMM Group; one of the world’s leading suppliers of process equipment with subsidiaries in over 20 different countries and manufacturing facilities in the USA, Germany and the Czech Republic. Since the beginning in 1954, the group’s sterile products have been placed in Pharmaceutical, Laboratory and Healthcare facilities throughout the world. Special attention is given to quality, reliability, innovation, and efficiency of every unit.

Constant review, customer input, and our commitment to improvement helps ensure our products meet the constantly changing requirements and needs of our customers. Our green initiatives include: ecological methods used during the manufacture of our products, utilization of the highest quality materials to ensure longer product life, employing the latest technology to reduce utility consumption, and the use of recyclable materials wherever possible.

We understand the important role of our products to research and production facilities, and we strive to provide the most reliable, state-of-the-art equipment available.
Customer service excellence is our philosophy and our commitment to your organization. We believe this is the best way to achieve your continued business and is the key to our success.

Laboratory Sterility Assurance – Green Innovations
State of the art solutions designed to help ensure the generation of high quality and reliable test data. Engineered to minimize utility consumption. Confidence where you need it most, efficiency where it really counts. View our full line of Steam Sterilizers, Dry Heat Ovens, Incubators, CO2 Incubators, Vacuum Drying Ovens and Climatic Chambers.
BioPharm Solutions as Specific as your Application.

Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Companies have complex and diverse production needs, BMT USA offer highly customized solutions to each customer’s needs without sacrificing quality, reliability or value. We offer complete systems in water purification, pure and clean steam, steam sterilizers and dry heat ovens.

15% off on BMT Incubators!
15% off on BMT Incubators!

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