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Weiss Research, Inc.

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Weiss Research is a highly energized, research oriented electrochemical sensor manufacturer. It was founded by a group of professional chemists trained in the analytical electrochemical sensor area with several decades of combined experience.

Our current main products are pH Electrodes, Ion-Selective Electrodes (ISE), Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP), Reference Electrodes, Conductivity Probes, pH buffers, ISE calibration standards & buffers, and accessories.

Our mission is to satisfy our customers in any possible way and to bring new ideas and innovative tools to our scientific communities. Therefore, the company has been focusing on research and development of new special electrochemical sensors to meet our customers' needs. Besides electrochemical sensors, we design and manufacture specialty sensors and products to meet customer specifications, including private labeling.

Save $40 on Fluoride Ion Selective Electrodes!
Save $40 on Fluoride Ion Selective Electrodes!
Weiss Research, Inc.

Combination Really-Flow™ Fluoride electrode, Epoxy body, Single Junction, Refillable with 1 meter low-noise cable and BNC connector. Weiss...

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