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Save $40 on Fluoride Ion Selective Electrodes!

Supplier: Weiss Research, Inc.
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Combination Really-Flow™ Fluoride electrode, Epoxy body, Single Junction, Refillable with 1 meter low-noise cable and BNC connector.

Weiss Really-Flow™ combination Ion-selective electrodes have a free flowing junction, provide optimal flow rate (adjustable), resulting in better repeatability. The junction design permits easy cleaning, which improves performance and extends the electrode’s life.

These long-lasting electrodes have no ceramic or fiber junction to clog. Viscous and dirty samples are no problems for these electrodes. Just press down on the cap to open the sleeve and flush, renew the junction; release the cap and you are ready to take more measurements. Also, the Really-Flow™ ISEs have a small volume measurement feature.

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